Goloka - AI can rebuild community accountability in Africa

Goloka is our way of understanding intricate details and data around neighborhoods in Africa. We are “going to the localities ‘Go-lo-ka’” that can share authentic data-driven stories of their objective experiences.

During the COVID-19 pandemic which engineered a lockdown, unimaginable limits were set around journalists, researchers and families who had data-driven stories about their lives that would bring insights on food prices as they know it.

We collaborated with citizens to gather food price data from hard-to-reach grassroots communities in 12 Nigerian states to address this issue. This helped us understand food inflation and fact-check the National Bureau of Statistics.

Partnering with grassroots level community members led to collection of real-time socioeconomic and development data that could resolve issues with nationwide implications. Our approach enables us to implement large-scale data journalism projects without sending hundreds of journalists to the field and enhancing journalism institutions through data access, insights and research for facts checking. Our involvement in Nigeria's data ecosystem enabled us to identify the gap in collecting precise, real-time data. 

This inspired us to create Goloka, a multipurpose data collection tool for obtaining real-time insights on the ground. Goloka platform powers data accountability and sustainability across Africa for elections, gender inclusion, governance and growth of our region.

Our partners in the media and core civil society were interested in the idea and hired us to carry out some projects, such as the TapNitiative to combat corruption in primary healthcare service delivery, JAIRAA to improve access to services for the aged and ageing population, and MacArthur to study the impact of 2022 flooding on citizens.

With Goloka details on conceptualization, planning and implementation on community projects could be enhanced accurately and reliably. 

Community participation is an effective local governance tool that ensures priorities, local transparency, accountability and monitoring is accessible and easily understood. Data accessibility in communities improves tracking the elements of inclusion, insights and intelligence.

Goloka analytics connects substantial data sets, community intelligence for developments and building the future of Africa. GOLOKA™ offers a multilayered solution that combines AI and human agency to help businesses and government organizations collect diverse data and dispersed sources. 

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