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AI and Nigeria’s Civic Space

Goloka by Dataphyte emerges as a major platform addressing the AI data collection challenges in Nigeria. Designed as a one-stop shop for data collection and research design, Goloka gathers, labels and sorts diverse and dispersed datasets covering images, indigenous language voices, and textual data on hard-to-reach groups to help governments, civil society organisations, and SMEs make more informed and inclusive decisions.

Goloka, AI and Africa’s path to progress

By uploading images of their birds’ diseases on Agripoa’s mobile app, farmers are able to quickly identify the specific type of bird disease and to receive information and guidance on medical treatment options. The platform also integrates an interactive platform that enables users to receive information and guidance from other farmers.

Goloka’s Strategic Advantage for AI Startups

Traditional methods of data acquisition often lack diversity, accuracy, and are fraught with regulatory challenges. These limitations can result in biassed and inefficient AI models, which can affect an AI startup's market reputation, customer satisfaction, and overall business performance.