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  • 10 Datasets
  • 3 Resources Per Datasets
  • Unlimited Topics
  • Unlimited Tags
  • Public site


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  • 500 Datasets
  • 5 Resources Per Datasets
  • Unlimited Topics
  • Unlimited Tags
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  • 1000 Datasets
  • 10 Resources Per Datasets
  • Advanced analytics
  • Unlimited Topics
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  • 1-hour, dedicated support response time
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“SWOFON is a large community of local women farmers integrated into a community, with Goloka we can plan and chose what is important decision that builds our community”

Women Leader

Frequently asked questions

GOLOKA is a product that provides real-time, highly-localised, spatial-enriched insights and analytics to businesses, governments, and third-sector organisations. Our product combines AI algorithms with native intelligence through citizen-powered data gathering, smartphone, and remote sensing technology to provide actionable and reliable insights for smart business decision-making.

Our product collects real-time data from citizen-powered data gathering, smartphones, and remote sensing technology. We use AI algorithms to analyse and process this data, providing highly-localised insights and analytics to our clients.

Any business, government, or third-sector organisation that wants to make smarter decisions through real-time, highly-localised insights and analytics can benefit from our product.

Our product can massively increase revenue and drastically reduce losses due to data unavailability. It provides enhanced decision-making accuracy through highly-localized data and advanced data analysis through AI algorithms.